Shock freezers

The abating devices under the ICETECH trademark are wholly made of stainless steel. Their high refrigerating capacity will enable you to abate positive and negative temperatures in an absolutely short period of time.
While interacting with the electronic card, the “needle” electronic probe arranged inside the refrigerating chamber will enable the operator to make sure that the product core temperature is the one wished.
The high refrigerating power of ICETECH abating devices will avoid unpleasant sudden temperature changes whenever the door is opened.

MODEL F5 F10 F15
Capacity GN trays 1/1 or EN 600x400 5  10 15
Capacity in t ice-cream basins 6 18 6  15 21
Blast chilling capacity Kg 20  Kg 35 Kg 65
Shock freezing capacity Kg 12  Kg 25 Kg 50
Defrosting hot gas  hot gas hot gas
Refrigerating gas R404A  R404A R404A
Sizes (mm) 800x700x900  800x700x1514 800x800x1950
Absorbed power kw 1,2  2,8 3,5