CREMA MIX 14 is an innovative and extremely versatile cream-cooker revolutionising the production system. The tank has got a min. capacity of 2 litres and a max. capacity of 14 litres. CREMA MIX 14 will deeply affect pastry-making thanks to the heating and cooling system in a bain-marie with glycol (ICETECH patent).

CREMA MIX 35-60 is the new-born in ICETECH family. It is a multifunction water-bath with glycol cream cooker that can reach 140 °C as maximum cooking temperature, and is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding pastry maker. The revolutionary TOUCH SCREEN, allows memorising 20 automatic recipes: 17 preset recipes that can be modified by the operator and 3 more custom recipes.

Capacity min/max lt min. lt 2 max. lt 14 min. lt 15 max. lt 35 min. lt 25 max. lt 60
Weight kg 80 180 240
Absorbed power max kw. 5 6,5 7,5
Electrical features 400V 50Hz 3Ph 400V 50Hz 3Ph 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Condensation Water Water Water
Refrigerating gas R452A R452A R452A
Sizes (mm) 535x620x845h 620x745x980h 680x905x1130h