Ageing vats

ICETECH ageing vats can preserve and mature ice-cream bases while keeping the temperature constant at +4°C.
The modern cooling system will enable the mixture to keep and mature perfectly, thus avoiding any encrustation on the tank.
The “abatement” function is a great novelty in ICETECH ageing vats.

MODEL TNM 60+60 TNM 120+120
Capacity max Lt 60+60 Lt 120+120
Capacity min Lt 15+15 Lt 60+60
Absorbed Power Kw 1,5 2,5
Electrical Features 400V 50Hz 3Ph 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Condensation Water Water
Refrigerating gas R452A R452A
Sizes (mm) 675x905x1060 880x800x1060
Weight Kg. 180 280