Euro autopastorizzante

In the new machine Soft EURO SELF-PASTEURIZING, through the new SELF-PASTEURIZING system, when the heating button is pressed, the mixture contained in the upper tanks and the one in touch with all the components inside, is heated up to the pasteurization temperature of +65°C and subsequently cooled up to the conservation temperature of +4°C.
This process allows to always check the bacterial charge, ensuring maximum hygiene and increasing the duration of use of the product stored inside.
The Soft SELF-PASTEURIZING machine is also equipped with agitators placed inside the tanks that always permit a perfect mixing of the product stored inside.

Produzione oraria (porz. 75gr.) 590
Capacità vasca superiore lt 18+18
Caratteristiche elettriche 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Condensazione Acqua / Aria
Pompa Si
Dimensioni (mm) 535x680x1435
Peso Kg. 210